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from other gay males. But in real life there was something there, and I thought maybe it was smell. Keep your hands washed and moisturized at least twice a day. No one wants to engage in foreplay and nibble on an ear with wax build. Although human pheromones are somewhat scientifically mysterious, common sense tells us that a partner's unique smell is super important to long-term compatibility. Single and frustrated by the typical avenues for meeting women, Iverson says, he was ready to turn his romantic fate over to a process that seemed to be guided by something more concrete than guesswork. Tip: Don't let your cuticles dry out. Your nose just knows. Check the Man Sack Tool - Period! An overwhelming number of men responded to this as a huge turn-off. Keep a little stubble below the beltline in order to prevent skin irritation.

Tip: Don't shave like a baby! It was an appealing idea to performance artist Judith Prays, too. This will prevent damaging the ear canal. Bad breath can be an immediate turn-off for men and could result in an immediate disconnect. Tip: Select a Barber or Stylist that is knowledgeable about your hair and is invested in your looks as much as you are. It is loud, bold, and it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

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