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a blinding time last night." blindo Adj. Also partner gay dating app promo code used in a sense of pity, see 'sod'.

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To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex. E.g."I blinged up my car so that I'd get some female attention." blinking Adj./Adv. The English meal of sausages and mashed potato is traditionally called bangers and mash. 14 Term Definition Buggery In England in the early 18th century, the term " buggery " had gay philipines dating site become a well-known signifier for "criminally unnatural" intercourse. When plural, as Brad Pitts, meaning a bout of diarrhoea. 1920s (the) bum's rush Noun. 1960s blow a fuse / gasket Vrb phrs.

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