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and Ray "Killer" Allison (drums and they stick with a single midtempo groove for the entire disc, almost never varying the dynamics or arrangement - the one exception is the standout track, a rollicking version of "I Don't Care. "Unoriginal" is a vast understatement: there are three weak Bob Dylan covers, including the hit title track and a stiff version of "Like A Rolling Stone that religiously copy the Byrds folk-rock formula; "Wanderin' Kind" is a blatant rewrite of the Byrds' Dylan-penned hit "Mr. Produced by Bowie associate Tony Visconti, it features clever string arrangements, super-echoey mixes, super-campy backing vocals by Flo Eddie, and loose, hedonistic sax parts by versatile ex- King Crimson member Ian McDonald. The march-like "Et Je Voyage" is the only conspicuous return to late 60s bombast. "Winners of 1998 nmae Awards aiwards". They attempt a big band wah-wah guitar funk jam in 6/8 time, and just don't pull it off Sing A Mean Tune Kid - the BST -style jazz fusion "Loneliness Is A Just A Word" is also in triple meter. Archived from the original on March 4, 2016.

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I'm still looking for Tanx (1973). There's also some then-trendy, but now mildly embarassing "protest" folk-rock, like Kaylan's "Let The Cold Winds Blow" and a decent but unexciting version of "Eve Of Destruction" (it promptly became a #1 hit for New Christy Minstrel's singer Barry McGuire). Bolan's recycling is relentless (the Elvis Presley -based "Baby Boomerang the repetitive " Space Oddity " rip-off "Spaceball Ricochet half the record is as slow-paced as molasses Ballrooms Of Mars and a lot of the material is disposable: formulaic up-tempo rock (the British chart-topping hit. This release is a better value than most, though: thanks to the H-D-H theme there are none of Levine's execrable originals, and most of the artists are so obscure - The Velvelettes, Three Ounces Of Love, The Satintones - there's a high curiosity factor. Unlike Leadbelly, Johnson mostly either sticks to strict 12-bar 3-line format Kindhearted Woman Blues or a 24-bar variant with two couplets and a two-line chorus - the one exception here is the good-time standard "They're Red Hot" - but as a practiced showman he varies. The only clunker is the Ira Newborn composition "Into The Night which was recorded for a 1985 movie soundtrack and sounds exactly like Lionel Richie 's dance hit "Running With The Night." There's one studio track, "Peace To The World that's sort of a blues. I really should go farther back and listen to Leadbelly's mentor, Blind Lemon Jefferson (author of "Black Snake Moan included here but I haven't gotten there yet. There's an excellent web site on the entire Canterbury fusion scene, including a very detailed Soft Machine page. As high school students they'd landed a record contract on the strength of some home demos, and the finished product just doesn't show a lot of personality, although it's often similar to their later, much more popular 70s records. In fact, much of the time they sound like CSN with horns Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home carried by wordless harmony vocals, until it devolves into a pointlessly extended flute solo). But this time around he comes up totally flat, with not one of the six originals creating any interest.

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