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never allow themselves to experience life, they risk suffocating within their own shell, so to speak. Because an intj is able to occupy both the headspace and the heartspace of another person, they become at that persons mercy. To find an entrance into an intj is much, much more difficult. Regardless, most intjs are not utilizing the full wattage of their problem-solving, think tanking abilities. As I mentioned before, unlike an infj who can use a hard candy shell defensively and must learn to be a conduit for others emotional experience, an intjs exoskeleton isnt naturally meant for retreat.

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To protect the squishy, nougat-like center, of course. Long range strategy, designing truly complex systems that can be replicated, finding the weaknesses in infrastructure intjs are the walking think tanks that streamline the world. And its not purely a defensive strategy. Like infjs, there is a sense of others being able to do real damage, and ensuring they arent inviting in a bull into the china shop. There are other types that outperform intjs in IQ tests (for example, intps but I would venture to say that in all the ways society chooses to acknowledge intelligence, intjs as a group outclass just about everyone else. There is a time period of experience gluttony as they grow into their new shell, and once the growth happens, often they settle down and appear to level out. Like infjs, intjs use the Perspectives process to be able to see things as others see them and get in the heads of other people. And programming departments as developers, engineers, etc. Authenticity, when done well, is all about What feels right. Ive lived with them, worked with them, fought with them, coached them, made love to and been rendered jelly while kissing them you get the picture. However, their 10 Year Old process is Authenticity, a process which encourages them to be sympathetic of the subjective human experience. The 10 Year Old is Authenticity.

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