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2008, 02:27 PM #9 Re: fetish: diaper lovers/adult babies Originally Posted by AsianDream Unfortunately can't see the picture without joining the site well it is totally free. So sign up and look! Then the feeling of my piss spurting out uncontrollably in my pants and Im trying to act normally at the same time. Reply With" December 8th, 2008, 12:19 AM #10 Re: fetish: diaper lovers/adult babies Originally Posted by DylanSkylar well it is totally free. Mostly we end up in gay bars talking with other guys we know part of the fun is doing it secretly in public and watching each other knowing were getting more and more desperate to piss. Added: 30-May-2013, cool reasons to date an older gay man Fools 1: Dunk Tank, after his older sister"s boyfriend Ethan White helps him out, eight-grader Woody Anderson finds that he cannot stop thinking about the high-school senior at night. Well, why doesn't someone post some pics?!?! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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After a week of gay sex, I find out something out. I don't want some dude to support. I'm not all pervy much just a little maybe. She proceeds until I cum in front of everyone." He concludes that on the rare occasion he sees one of her coworkers, that person gives him a special knowing look. As we apprach the New Year, here is a New Year baby in diapers story for you. He was being raped! Attached Thumbnails Reply With" August 19th, 2010, 07:53 PM #21 Re: fetish: diaper lovers/adult babies I like to wear adult diapers under my clothes to the grocery store or shopping mall and stand next to people as I piss myself while they have no app for finding gay friends idea. Added: 30-May-2013, sex at retirement home, old man at retirement home fucks horny young man. Makes porn video of their fuck sesssions and uploads it on the internet. I couldnt believe my ears when he told me that I was in charge of Brandon from now. Then I've probably got to phone them (about 10 times) and explain that I'm into fetishes but didn't agree to pay this site - then it turns out somewhere in the small print I clicked on - I agreed to pay them whatever they wanted.