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I look at being in love. It might be just a phase. Ioan and Wielie now attend a Dutch Protestant church, Oranjekerk. His partner, Wielie, reflects the same attitude, I feel as much gay as Christian. Eventually Ilias left the letter on the table, went out, and told his mother that she had to read something from school that was sitting on the table.

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Terry Virgo, gay guys first dates Founder, Newfrontiers, this is how the church will develop a more compassionate pastoral approach by listening to stories of 'its own real people with same-sex attraction who are already Christians. While Ioan and Wielie found that their faith and sexual identity were intertwined, others have found that the two are in conflict. The experiences of gay and lesbian men and women in The Netherlands cannot be boiled down to just one story. My fathers first reaction was: youre only. Relational justice, seeking life-giving relationships and intersectional partnerships that value reconciliation and liberation of the marginalized; and create content which inspires the community to seek relational justice. I know a few Muslims who did come out and they have had an extremely hard time. Were only human as well. I now consider it to be a sect. But lately Ive been thinking that you can combine both thingsthe gay and the Muslim lifestyles. Ioan never felt the need to reconcile these two aspects of his life; for him, they are inseparable.

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