gay aa meetings brisbane

the fellowship of AA works in your community to help alcoholics Lets Be Friendly With Our Friends Friends. M C, Women, LI, AV Ladies AA Meeting We are a group of ladies from around the world who have been meeting online since July 2011 on paltalk. To join the meeting, send a Skype contact request message to "AAFreeThinker1" or if you are not yet a Skype user you can send me Dave C, an Email to " " asking to be added to the group. This is an closed, how to prepare for first gay date on-line, men's, discussion meeting. . Circles of Love and Service This leaflet outlines our service structure in full-color diagrams. What time is the meeting where you are located? Zoom meeting # is Password is 164 Go to and type in the info above or Call in by dialing or and punch in the info above. Several meetings are Skype participation only(cloud). Unity AND service title description (shortened) Inside.A. Steps appear at the top of each page with simplified text under illustration. Can work for someone different black or Jewish, teenager or nearing 80, plus nine other people who tell how the.A. Directed at professionals of all types who deal with alcoholics; explains how.A.s and non-A.A.s can work together.

gay aa meetings brisbane

GaL-, aA (Gays and Lesbians.
AA ) was established to serve and have the involvement of lesbians, gay men, and others in, alcoholics Anonymous, regardless.

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Daily Reflections, pacifica State Beach 5000 Pacific Coast Highway, pacifica. Hope to see you there. Info on the Cisco WebEx platform can be found. Program as it affects anyone close to an alcoholic spouse, family-member, friend. AA for Aboriginal Man side 1 side 2, are you sick of being charged? Quarterly business meetings are usually held directly after the meeting on the last Sunday of the month Web Site: / Email: C, A, CH, AV, T grateful alcoholics worldwide Grateful Alcoholics Worldwide is a AA registered group of members from across the World, that meet. Join us for the Beginners Meeting on Sunday nights at.m.

O, A, CH, AV 5th Dimension Group, the 5th Dimension Young People's Group of AA is a speaker discussionĀ meetingĀ that meets every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30PM CST/9:30PM EST. "Windows, Apple, IOS 8-9, IPod touch and Android phone" app store or google play "brother omnijoin" free app Questions?: m C, A, CH, AV, DF One Day at a Time AA Group Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, discussing a chosen topic m/g2/group/ /AdvancedSettings. M O, Women, AV AA Women's Meeting (Central European Time) Thursday 21:00 CET Sunday 16:30 CET How to join: Please send a contact request to aawomensmeeting from your Skype account stating that you want to attend meetings, and be on line 5-10 minutes before the. and click the image next to the words "we host a short web meeting every morning at 6:00.

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