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first through eighth (1st through 8th) in two (2) of those categories during the year. You agree that you will not permit any person(s) under 18 years of age to have access to any of the materials contained within this site. Glove for riding hand. Not releasing loop from roper's hand prior to having any portion of the calf's head within the loop. Rodeo requirements or rule changes made at Annual Convention affecting an association whose rodeo is less than ninety (90) days may ask for a variance at the Board of Trustees meeting following the close of Annual Convention. Host association will publish minimum amount of added prize money prior to the open date of registration for their rodeo. Calf must break rope from saddle horn to be a legal catch. Rough Stock Riding Requirements Have all required equipment and assistants for their events.

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Both of the straight teen boys had some conversation about who is more dramatic. Contestant Scratching an Event If contestant scratches an event prior to an animal being loaded into their assigned chute, contestant falls out of the running order and assignment of animals. However, if an igra director or officer is a contestant, he/she is excluded from entering the secretarial area unless invited by the secretarial staff. Stopwatches to the hundredths will be used. Host association will provide a minimum of six (6) halters and 6 cotton ropes with the following dimensions. Rodeo participants (contestants, buddy pass holders, stock contractors and their personnel, volunteers, officials, security, and royalty) must not be in possession of or bear firearms while attending rodeo registration, rodeo events, and awards. Places st nd rd th th th 5 5 5 7th 3 3 8th 2 Totals If at least one contestant/team places in an event the first (1st) day, and no one places the second (2nd) day, both go-round's Day Money goes to the contestant(s. Timers must start and stop their stopwatches when Judge drops the flag. Must be posted a minimum of thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the first event of each go-round. Horse has to be saddled, as he/she would be for everyday use.

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