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uptight times. A code of conduct seems to exist, and is willingly obeyed. Everything a bisexual needs, whether you're out and about or still in the closet (and don't worry, the closet is still kind of cramped!). Indeed, if a trip down Yarra Bend Road makes men better able to endure, who can but wish them well? The men were better off going up the road to the heart of the Yarra Bend beat, where business is always brisk and there are no intimidating signs. In a corner of the Darling Gardens. The cruisers reversed out in a smoking hurry while the divvy van looped the car park like a great white shark.

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A stakeout near the entrance to a dark room is a great way to eye before you buy'. Slamming the door on number three's face is plain old rude, unless he is a telemarketer. If you are not into prime numbers this situation can be tricky. The building has that despised look common to public amenities built in the 70s, as if even the bricklayers hated. Then hed duck into the toilets, and my guy couldnt follow him fast enough; and I would always feel satisfaction that the situation had worked out well for all of us involved. On the other hand, its none of my business. If someone feels like Bert Newton in the dark, it's probably because he strikes an uncanny resemblance to him in the light. Sometimes, very occasionally, theyd get lucky: another man would arrive, sniff about cautiously, perhaps exchange a glance with my man in his car.

Making eye contact with a simple nod or smile is more than enough acknowledgement. The men are all kinds, too young, old, business-suited, tracksuited. Close to the river are the bluestone remains of an ancient insane asylum.

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