postal vote gay marriage date

majority vote yes does that mean same-sex marriage becomes legal? But the ABS recommends you aim to have it back by October. The poll showed that 65 percent of voters are likely to participate in the postal vote. Weve answered all your questions about the referendum, sorry plebiscite, sorry survey. When will the result be known? Only that vote can actually make same-sex marriage legal. Up to 15 million people are voting on whether or not to allow same-sex couples to get married. When do I have to send the vote back? What if I lose my vote?

Gay marriage : How to vote and the deadline for Australian postal survey

postal vote gay marriage date

I am not entirely sure where the postboxes are but my dad will know, said Emily Bokker, a 19-year-old student at Sydney University. Sabrina Phillips, 19, also a student, said: It is kind of different to what I would normally be doing, I am 100 per cent online. When Ireland held a referendum to decide the issue they legally had to because the definition of a marriage was enshrined in the constitution. It will also face a legal challenge over whether it is constitutional. What question will be on the ballot paper? Image copyright Getty Images, image caption A rally in support of same-sex marriage in Sydney earlier this week. What would the postal vote entail? So how do I actually vote?

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However, Attorney-General George Brandis, has said same-sex marriage is an important social question which Australians should have a say. "The Australian Christian Lobby described our children as the stolen generation Ms Wong, who is gay and has two children, told the Senate on Wednesday. Support our independent journalism by giving a one-off or monthly contribution. Just make sure you ask for one by 6pm on October 18, 2017. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Australia. Mr Turnbull said it would cost taxpayers A122 (74m; 96m) and be overseen by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). "I agree with Senator Wong it is going to be very important for this debate to be conducted with courtesy and respect he said. "In any one of those nations, has the sky fallen in? Wednesday, October 18, deadline to request replacement ballot packs.

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