sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras 2016 dates

a b c d "Mardi Gras awash with love". In 1994, Mardi Gras Festival adopted the theme We are Family, a nod to it being International Year of the Family. Greens lgbt spokesperson Janet Rice said she considered marriage equality and trans rights as the main areas of reform at a federal level. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Queer Thinking, Mardi Gras Film Festival, as well as Fair Day, which attracts 70,000 people. The Mardi Gras Film Festival showcases international and local gay and lesbian films. 37 On a number occasions, there have been controversies with, and bans of, the UFO -related Raelians participation in the parade. Retrieved CC-By-SA Coordinates : 335250S 1511302E /.88068S 151.21719E / -33.88068; 151.21719. Each year, a Chief of Parade ( Grand Marshal is chosen by the organisation New Mardi Gras as someone who represents the values and spirit of Mardi Gras.

Retrieved "Mardi Gras alienates Raelians". GLQ: A Journal of Gay and Lesbian Studies. 11 An increasingly large number of people not only participated in the now summertime event, but a crowd of 5,000 came to watch. In Crouch, David; Jackson, Rhona; Thompson, Felix. Retrieved "Raelians protest Mardi Gras rejection". There are people in these camps who have escaped terrible circumstances, just to have a chance at a life in a safe place.

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25 In the 2000s the Mardi Gras organisation struck financial trouble, and collapsed. Retrieved 15 November 2016. Senior elected officers 1978 Garry Bennett (Spokesperson) 198182 Brian McGahen (Chairperson) 198283 Brian McGahen (Chairperson) 198384 Brian McGahen (Director) 198485 Bill Whittaker (Chairman) Damian Furlong (Chairman) 198586 Bill Whittaker (Chairman) 198687 Bill Whittaker (President, until September 1986) Murray McLachlan (President, from September 1986) 198788 Murray. "Row erupts in Australia over 'gay' Jesus play: report". 2 Mardi Gras, at different times, has attracted criticism from its own members, lgbtqi communities, and a variety of religious and political groups. Same sex marriage legalised, saturdays parade opened with floats dedicated to Australias first nations and the 78ers, the parades foundational marchers whose night 39 years ago ended in police brutality. 13 Footage of the 1984 event appeared in the music video for the Cold Chisel song " single gay dating sites Saturday Night ". In 2012, Optus, a corporate sponsor, broadcast a delayed and edited highlights of the parade via.

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sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras 2016 dates