gay pakistani meets glenn beck

is what the Marxists are doing, to destroy Virtue in our children to make them into irrational, immoral Marxists who believe Slavery is Freedom, Vice is Virtue and Up is Down. Trump20162020, glenn Beck, who once opined that marriage equality would lead to social destruction, has changed his mind on lgbt equality. 5 posted on 3:47:25 PM PDT by Gene Eric (Don't be a statist!) Post Reply Private Reply To 1 View Replies To: Trump The Gay Liberal Muslim Who Is Glenn Becks New BFF For a moment there, I thought this thread was about Barack Hussein. Who he is and how he campaigned are truly distasteful.

They feel their needs are not authentically represented within this huge government. How else would we understand each other beyond the black and white which we both have been painted, non-stop, in this vicious election cycle. But I am slightly impressed by the notion that all the celebrity power and campaign gay dating kyrgyzstan money in the nation was not enough to continue to mute these Americans. 13 posted on 4:04:12 PM PDT by Enduro Guy (President Trump /President Pence ) Post Reply Private Reply To 1 View Replies To: Gene Eric I worked for a Pakistani many years ago, and was told that Patel was as common there as Smith was. 20 posted on 4:24:08 PM PDT by Jyotishi (Seeking the truth, a fact at a time.) Post Reply Private Reply To 1 View Replies Navigation: use the links below to view more comments. Why am I not surprised. Caprio told ktrk-TV that same-sex marriages are now just a fact of life. I hope, for their sake, the quality of their life improves. View Replies, to: Trump20162020, why in the hell would anybody listen to Glenn Beck? Related: Riaz Patel: I Am Really Frustrated With Liberals Right Now. Riaz Patel, his new gay BFF, insists the transformation is sincere.

Meet Riaz Patel, The Gay Liberal Muslim Who Is Glenn Becks
A Gay, Muslim, Pakistani American s View of The Election

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