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notable lectures on electricity Why Does It Burn "Lightning" and "Gunpowder" received a favorable reaction from parents and students. Led by the Indian School Band, the Carlisle Indians paraded in their nightshirts down the streets of Carlisle and on to the school on the edge of town." 40 Residents of Carlisle stood on their doorsteps and cheered as the Carlisle Band led a snake. Indian School is a silent film documentary made on April 30, 1901 by American Mutoscope and Biograph Company (AM B) made in Carlisle. It was the famous French philosopher Renee Descartes who said, "I think therefore." What do you think? Again, what do you have to lose? In 1879, Chief Blue Horse 's son Baldwin Blue Horse, age 12, was in the first group of Oglala Lakota students to arrive at Carlisle. Instead, much of the input about what Carlisle wanted to see happen in the neighborhood came from Carlisles own citizens. Carlisle boasted a low unemployment rate and a high literacy rate at the time of the census. In 1900, Zitkala-a played violin at the Paris Exposition with the school's Carlisle Indian Band.

Ryan, "The Carlisle Indian Industrial School" (Thesis, Georgetown University, 1962. 9 (Carlisle: The Carlisle Indian Press, 1913; reprint. 6, at Carlisle, Pratt attempted to "Kill the Indian: Save the Man" 6 through any means necessary. Red Bird Sings: The Story of Zitkala-Sa, Native America Author, Musician, and Activist. Carlos Montezuma was drawn to the noble experiment at Carlisle, and served as resident physician from. The Indian Industrial School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Army War College, 1901, and.S.