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125 A servant always answers Yes, Madam, or Very good, sir, never Yes, No, All right, or Sure. 70 Sometimes pushing people send presents, when they are not asked to the wedding, in the hope of an invitation.

Minister: or Dear. 18 sequence OF pages If a note is longer than one page, the third page is usually next, as this leaves the fourth blank and prevents the writing from showing through the envelope. 49 The nurse and the personal maid and cook are under the direction of the lady of the house. If the other person wants you to play with him, he will stand up and place his penis through the hole. In days when envelopes were unknown, all letters had to be sealed, hence when envelopes were made, the idea obtained that it was improper to use both gum-arabic and wax. At all important functions there is a chauffeur (or a caterers man) on the sidewalk to open the door of motors, and a footman or waitress stationed inside the door of the house to open it on ones approach. Remember that eyes filmed with tears and an aching heart can not follow rhetorical lengths of writing. I loved every minute of our being with you, dear Aunt Annie, just as much as Dick did, and we hope you are going to let us come soon again. 106 informal letter OF introduction Dear Claire: A very great friend of ours, James Dawson, is to be in Chicago for several weeks.

30 The Intimate Closing Affectionately yours, Always affectionately, Affectionately, Devotedly, Lovingly, Your loving are in increasing scale of intimacy. At present we are admiring plain silver and are perhaps exacting that it be too plain? The typical refusal is shown by the person sticking his penis back through the gloryhole or by leaving and looking for someone else. A young woman whose hair is straight and rebellious to order, can be made to look tidy and even attractive in a headdress that encircles the whole head. Sometimes others send presents, when they are not asked, merely through kindly feeling toward a young couple on the threshold of life. Most places frown on having more than one person in a booth. If the flap is square instead of being pointed, it may be allowed greater length without being eccentric.