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Taimi is somewhat of a new face to the lgbt dating app industry, but it has a lot of great things going for. Dollars before you splurge. Its free for iOS and Android (beta). The now savvy seafarer follows her own packing 101 rule: Thou shalt put into one's suitcase only that which will fit neatly in the allocated storage space without hogging every available nook and cranny for thyself. We spent some time digging for the hottest, free, cruise-worthy travel apps in iTunes and Google Play, and handpicked several that are essential for any savvy smartphone-user hitting the high seas. You can share your location and photos with friends and the boating community.

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Taimi also has cool features like built-in video calls and user-created posts, discussions, and events. TripIt, why we love it: TripIt is the ultimate pre-cruise organizer. Entertainment "I had a lot of fun playing this celebrity hookup game". Consider upgrading to TripIt Pro (0.99 cents) for real-time flight alerts, seat tracking, refund notifications and more. For gay dating success example, your safety is the top priority.

It has very hi-resolution and incredible accuracy. Boatrax Boatrax lets you keep detailed records of your boat while capturing and sharing your moments with family and friends. . Ideal for sailors, kitesurfers, windsurfers and more, this app allows you to see the wind, waves and weather across the globe in real time. Dockwa hopes to be the. Home, planning, cruise Industry Trends 8 Free Phone Travel Apps for Cruisers 8 Free Phone Travel Apps for Cruisers (Photo: Customdesigner/Shutterstock). The app is essentially a hub for all your cruise itineraries, flight information, pre- or post-cruise hotel bookings, transfer reservations and more.