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Inc becomes the first company in history to reach 1,000,000,000,000 in value 19 The Transbay Transit Center lifeout gay app opens in San Francisco, initially as a hub for bus lines including muni and AC Transit, and eventually nearly a dozen other transit agencies.

More "did you knows" edit Previous Did you know. Near the end of his final term, Brown left the legislature to become mayor of San Francisco. Dies at her home in Woodside, California 14 July The West County Detention Center severs ties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and will no longer incarcerate undocumented migrants at the Contra Costa County facility. (more.) Refresh with new selections below (purge) edit Selected article The Residents are an American art collective best known for avant-garde music and multimedia works.

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The San Francisco Chronicle called Brown one of San Franciscos most notable mayors who had celebrity beyond the citys boundaries. The Bay Area has the second-most Fortune 500 companies in the United States, after the New York metropolitan area, and is known for its natural beauty, liberal politics, entrepreneurship, and diversity. That Stanford University Department of Biology chairman Tim Stearns (pictured), together with his wife, medical researcher Susan Cleveland, tend a fruit tree orchard at their home in Redwood City? That after Agnes Fay Morgan conducted a nutritional study with foxes, she presented her data wearing a stole made from the fur of her subjects? Thomas Edward mottus, my heartfelt condolences to the Mottus family. The group is noted for surrealistic lyrics and sound, disregard for conventional music composition, and the over the top, theatrical spectacle of their live performances. By Les Debbie Jones Family. He was known for his ability to manage people and maintain party discipline.

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