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Wait about 30 mins and the Peony and African orange flower come into play, rounding out the perfume beautifully. I spray the Sensous Nude on during the day (which is a lovely silken perfume on its own) and as twilight falls I layer with Versace Crystal Noir on my wrists and neck for sheer olfactory delight. I have never tried any other Versace scent before, but the name and bottle "Versace Crystal Noir" just reminded me of Victoria's Secret Noir Tease, which itself is said to be a bit like Viva La Juicy. You have gotten in your tanning and shopping for the day (this IS a vacation, after all) and the sun is setting on the horizon in streaks of lilac, fuchsia and gold. The pepper and spices really give this perfume a sexy unique chicness without coming off too strong. That smooth rich creamy coconut you get in a Pina Colada, but this is no virgin cocktail!

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I was very generously gifted two decants of Versace Crystal Noir by an amazing Frantican, thanks ever so! Imagine yourself on holiday on a gorgeous beach (one I visited in Sardinia, Italy with a close friend sprang to mind). It also leaves a gorgeous golden fragrant trail of at least a few feet, and that's just with one spray! N├╝tzliches Anschauliches, another visitor - stay a while.

A good precursor to the experience to come. In my mind, a great perfume should be more than a should tell a story, bring to mind an experience. The smooth honey of Sensuous Nude adds a lovely dimension, and both perfumes share similar coconut and pepper notes. As a previous reviewer said, it just smells good, amazing in my opinion, not too much spice or an incense bomb like many "darker" scents and especially orientals can come off. Die Unmoralische, was es alles gibt, das ich nicht brauche! Currently my favorite layering combo in my budding collection. I should know by now, never pre-judge a scent. I have been pretty depressed here in rainy/cold UK, and dealing with the devastating loss of someone very close. But Versace Crystal Noir brought me right back to that holiday in Sardinia, and the laughter and memories of better times. I would rate the Coconut and Gardenia as the strongest notes, which you get at first sniff along with the pepper and spices. Both ok scents, but nothing mindblowing. Music is pumping through the billowing while curtains as you make your way through to the chic modern white leather circular couches.

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