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patios that this city has to offer making it one of the best viewing areas for Dallas. Yeah, that's what it's like after a Sunday at Hidden Door. Sue Ellen's Primarily seen as a lesbian bar, this double-decker dancehall recently went through a remodel and looks dope as hell. Situated on the corner of Maple and Inwood, this leather legend might be dark and intimidating on the outside, but on the inside, it might just be the most welcoming of Dallas ' gay bars. Dallas 48 nightwolf, dallas 48 matthew. Ill be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget-Van Vuren I have always considered myself a free spirit with a gypsy. Pekers, to" my good friend Hutch, "Pekers has the best karaoke, hands down, run by a wannabe Bette Midler." And he's right, it is the best karaoke in town, and after enough drinks you start to think The Rose herself is really in the. Get over whatever absurd misconceptions you've been holding onto all these years (yes, Texas, we're looking squarely at you) and get with the 21st century. This old-school Western bar is a great, laid-back bar, righ, smack in the center of the Cedar Springs strip making it a favorite for off-duty bronc busters and Lady Gaga. Yes, it's a gay bar, but that doesn't matter, because there's not a better place to catch a Cowboys game in the metroplex. The patio kicks ass, the upstairs bar has the stronger drinks, and the downstairs bar is prone to sing-a-longs. AsianInUSA, dallas 49 tonygee, dallas 44 mkisses66, dallas 33, friedfish, dallas 25, syed.

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Speaking of Sundays, take a trip on up to the Rose Room on the second floor and witness the truth that is Dallas ' finest drag queens. Along with killer bloody marys and, one more time, 75-cent beers! You won't be disappointed. Sure, there's a huge, leather eagle suspended from the ceiling, as well as an assortment of whips, chains and restraints but this spot also boasts equal parts rainbows, denim and flannel. The Round-Up Saloon Tight jeans, cowboy boots and line dancing. Most gay website apps of its patrons are of the more seasoned variety, but that certainly doesn't slow this pony down. Jesse, dallas 33 Tristan Dallas 32 Johnscott Dallas 30 Jonathan Bartush Dallas 33 Taylor Dallas 32 Jay Dallas 20 Gregross Dallas 59 matt Dallas 20 AsianInUSA Dallas 49 Kelly Dallas 38 Justin Dallas 24 Jeremy Cobb Dallas 32 freeguy8393 Dallas 40 Neverasktwice Dallas 52 Maurice.

J.R.'s Bar and Grill.R.'s is the kind of bar that you go to when you want to be left alone and not in the dive sense. Well, look no further. Only Lads is a great place to meet gay and bisexual guys in, dallas. There's a lot of wood, a lot of patio and a lot of super-comfy lounge areas.